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This blog is a place for the thousands of people who visit and email from the web site Peter Shulmans War. I thought that it was about time the viewers of the war site had a place to contact and communicate with each other about plastic modeling, war gaming and anything else of interest.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

OV1 Mohawk and B57 Canberra

Two exiting recent additions to the Green Air Force are the Roden kit of the OV-1 Mohawk and the Classic Airframes kit of the B57B Caberra. Both of these Vietnam era aircraft are fitting well in my game. I must admit that the Mohawk has always fasinated me by its appearence and purpose. It would be great to get more information on this aircraft. I am not qualified to give a pro opinion in the kits themselves but builder comments would be welcome here along with any information on the planes themselves.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Wish List of Model Kits New and Re-issued

I received the email quoted below and started a string on the old discussion boards. I am copying here and I hope people will add to it. I think all model builders must have a wish list it is interesting to see which kits are the most wanted. A number of the old kits mentioned so far sure bring back pleasant memories.
Please add your wish lists in the comments.

"I would love to see some of the old kits re-released by the companies that made them or companies that buy the old molds can you please start a wish list string with this mail.
First on my personal wish list would be the re releasing of the Tillie The Toiler and Sky Sweeper anti aircraft guns that were around many years ago. I am not sure of the makers but I think one was by Renwal and the other maybe Adams."
Dave C. In Washinton State.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

US WW II tanks against Tigers how to play it

I am copying the string from the discussion page on the old war site. It has some very good posts and I hope it will get many more. Below is my original question. The comments will all be posted.

"When I start my game each year I have the armies using WWII equipment opposing each other. In the tank battles the Sherman's do very poorly against the Tigers and Panthers. My problems start when the M10, M18, M36 and M26 units get involved. Can M18s and M10s really handle King Tigers? I am having a very hard time figuring out who wins these engagments. Please some opinions would really help."

To add to this or just read the responces click on the comments. I thank all of you who have already posted opinions.

New Main Battle Tanks Who Wins?

I am posting this string from the discussion board on the war site because it was to good to lose. I hope it can continue to get comments here on the blog. I will start it with the first post and continue it with the rest.

I'm starting this string in the hopes of getting opinions about tank agaist tank capabilities. In my war many times I have M1A1 tanks fighting against Challengers, Leopard II and T80 tanks. I also end up with combat between M60 marks agaist Merkava, T72, Cheiftans, Leopard I and other country's tanks. I use my shot counter shot method of fighting but have often wondered who would come out on top in real engagments involving these tanks. I sure would like to hear from others with more expertise than I have.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The High Cost Of Plastic Models

I am amazed at the prices for new plastic models of aircraft, vehicles and figures. I am not sure of the reason behind the increase. Over the years the dollars value has gone up and down often and the prices never rose as they have in the last year. I guess oil is used in the manufacturing process but not that much I think.
I do know that my goal of adding 100 new models to my war each year has been downsized. When I get my squadron shop update each month I am amazed at the prices. The only place I am able to get bargains now in on ebay and those are becoming rare.

If anyone has thoughts on this subject please post them.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Any One Can Post A Comment

I have re-set the blog so that anyone can comment without signing up. Sorry I didn't realize I had it set wrong Duuuhhh.

I am having a great war this summer but another scenario has developed that I am having trouble with. There is an air battle on that has green F-16Cs agaist gray EF2000 and Rafale aircraft. I know nothing of the capabilities of the two types of Gray aircraft. I could use some help but will work it out somehow.

Wet up here on the mountain this summer so the streams are still to high to use the boats for battles.

I am thinking of posting the full string from some of the discussion pages I took off the site. The one about the modern armor is worth saving.

I will keep posting on here in the hope that more of you will show up and leave comments on any subject.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Tigers against Pershings ?

Now that the new war site is up I can get back in the woods and go on with the game. I have a battle on right now in one section that I am having a hard time deciding how to play. A battalion of Tiger II tanks from the gray army has run into a group of M26 green army tanks. They are almost equal in number and are coming straight at each other.

I am fairly sure this never actualy happened during WW II certainly not in these numbers. Was the M26 90mm able to penetrate a Tiger and could the Tigers 88 take out an M26?

I hope someone with an opinion drops by here. The new site is up at
Hope you will visit.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Getting Started

I am totally new to blogging and it will take me time to set this up right. I will place a link to this blog on the home page of my war site. Please feel free to post any comments, ideas or opinions here about war gaming, plastic modeling, my war and the capabilities of equipment (modern or WWII). Actually feel free to post anything you feel like (smile). I hope in time this blog will be a busy one.
I am taking new pictures of my war for the site and will have them up soon. The war now contains over 60,000 troops and 4,200 models. The vehicles are all in 1/35 or 1/32 scale and the aircraft all 1/48. The boats in the new naval section are all either 1/32 or 1/35.

My war will be moving to its new home by July 28th. it will be at with a new look. No ads, no popups, much better graphics amd easier navigation.

Those of you who are in my war can request your service records. I will be happy to post them here.
Please help get this started by posting anything you wish. thank you.